PHP Meetup 2012

We are very excited to announce that, PHP Centre of Excellence and community will team up again to organize PHP Malaysia Meetup 2012. The theme will be โ€˜API Mashupโ€™. Expect Mashup experts, API enthusiasts and PHP lovers, exchanging โ€˜warโ€™ of words, knowledge and what not in a very exciting and absolute fun environment. Mark your calendar and be there! Be yourself.. PHPeople PHPower!

Date : 3rd November 2012
Venue : Auditorium MIMOS Berhad, Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Registration : Free
Parking : Free
Wifi : Free
Knowledge : Free
Sponsors : AIST, Altfa Technologies, MIMOS, TM Applied Business
Supporters : Rynet Malaysia, Zend Technologiesย 

08.30 : Registration
09.00 : Opening remarks MIMOS Berhad
09.15 : Opening remarks
09.30 : Coffee Break
10.00 : Enterprise PHP โ€“ Rama Yurindra (Rynet Malaysia Sdn Bhd)
10.45 : oAuth โ€“ Nurulazrad
11.30 : Twitter API โ€“ Muhammad Hamizi (TM Applied Bussiness)
12.15 : Facebook API โ€“ Mohd Izzairi (Xyiry Tech)
13.00 : Lunch
14.00 : Foursquare API โ€“ Ahmad Amran (AIST)
14.45 : Streaming Technology with AWS โ€“ Azril Nazli (CEA Resources)
15.30 : Paypal โ€“ Iszuddin Ismail (eSentral)
16.15 : MIMOS Mashup โ€“ Mary Ann Michael/Errazudin Ishak (MIMOS Berhad)
16.30 : Web API Best Practices โ€“ Prasant Kumar (Solution Engineer at Zend Technologies)
17.15 : Photoshoot session . End
Please register at :ย